Week of 8/14/23... Lazy Susan got tagged (again) with acid on our window.  You can't scrub this.  You have to replace the glass.

We then received a pretty scary and nefarious extortion threat at the restaurants where the perp said they paid a homeless person to empty a can of bear spray (and will continue to escalate until we pay).

In the same week, Horsefeather 's beautiful brand new parklet (where we spent over $50k) got completely tagged. Our amazing partner Justin spent his whole Sunday removing it, so that they don't keep on tagging it.

Then the coup de grace... Lazy Susan got broken into this morning.  Crowbar to the door frame, took our safe.  We have security alarm, tied to police station but they came over an hour after the alarm went off.  

This comes in a year where all 3 of Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream's SF stores were broken into. This comes in a year when insurance premium has rocketed. This comes in a year where the negative press of San Francisco is having a tangible effect on visitors and tourism.

I love this city - make our home here, our kids go to public schools, and of course own too many local small businesses. The norm of low expectations is not acceptable. We can do better.