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It's not Pizza. It's Blondies.
High-Proof is behind some of SF's best bars, including two of our early projects — Horsefeather and Last Rites.
Sanzo is the first asian inspired sparkling water brand, sold in stores across the country.
Humphry Slocombe is a pioneer in artisan ice cream and operates nine Bay Area scoop shops.
From restaurants and bars to CPG brands and industry-defining tech, Salt is an essential ingredient in the future of food.

Brick & Mortar Portfolio

We've been involved with the opening and oversight of 30 restaurants and bars. From Michelin-Stars to casual concepts to cocktail bars, we invest in talented people and develop lasting companies.

Our legacy portfolio includes LocoL, a company co-developed with chef Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson bringing scratch-made fast food to food deserts. Other legacy portfolio includes Atelier Crenn, Bacon Bacon, Bar Crenn, Les Clos, Maum, and Petit Crenn,

From 1 pop up to 3 Michelin Star, Salt was there from day 1

Humphry Slocombe Ice Cream

Since 2009, Humphry Slocombe has brought chef-driven ice cream to the Bay Area . Food Network named Humphry Slocombe as one of the 5 best ice cream in the country. 9 locations throughout the Bay Area + all the grocery stores/third party apps/Goldbelly & Amazon!


Food & Drinks at the iconic SFJAZZ concert venue in Hayes Valley - the largest jazz centric performance space on the West Coast

Lazy Susan

Chinese take-out for today. Recognized by NYTimes, Wall Street Journal, and industry as a “Fast Casual Concept to Watch”.  Delivery throughout SF with outposts in San Ramon and San Carlos.


A neighborhood cocktail gathering place with an adeptly designed interior loosely inspired by the American arts & crafts period.

Last Rites

Imagine being marooned in a savage, tropical rainforest; you’ve crash landed at Last Rites, a Polynesian Noir adventure, offering over 150 rums and signature twists on tropical cocktails

Hi-Lo Taco

Hi-Lo Taco Co. serves American tacos using handmade flour tortillas and is pioneering a technology driven experience that offers the convenience of fast casual with the order-at the-table and bar-driven model of full service dining.

Pecking House

Launched during the pandemic and shot to fame with a 10,000 people+ wait list, chef Eric Huang combined his fine dining chops from places like Eleven Madison Park and his family’s roots in Chinese restaurants to create the craveable Pecking House - NYTimes named its chile fried chicken one of the Top 10 New York dishes in 2021.

Bacon Bacon

One guess on what Bacon Bacon serves? Yes, bacon with everything. SF Bay Area OG Food truck, cafe, with an outpost in SFO.

Sunday Bakeshop and Neighbor Bakehouse

Recognized by Bon Appetit as having one of the 20 best croissants in the country, Neighbor and Sunday are brands of our bakery group that over delivers on butter and flour

Foodtech & CPG Investments

In parallel to creating great F&B companies, we leverage our insights in the industry to selectively invest in great teams creating wonderful technology and CPG companies. In return, we provide our investee companies our expertise in F&B, connection to customers, and knowledge for product development. At the intersection of food and tech, you'll find Salt Partners.

Restaurants are terrible at knowing their customers - Bikky is helping brands like Dave’s Hot Chicken to be better

Cookie Cutter

The first project from Salt Studio - tackling the nuisance issues that permeate our day to day life of a restaurant operator. Cookie Cutter addresses the issue when the photo of the new dish doesn't look quite like all the other ones on your website and the delivery partners.  Cookie Cutter will also allow you to one-click create the photo files to the exact specs of each of your third party partners.  Yes, we are putting AI to work for us humans.


Co-founders (2x exit software CEO + product lead from Netflix) tackles a better food delivery experience


Restaurant performance management, giving data that managers will actually use

Impact Food

The only plant based seafood that we tasted and would pay for (not in 5 years, but today!)


The first Asian-inspired hard seltzer creating the next generation of Asian-American media and flavor


Invoice and A/P management for Restaurants (exit FTV Capital)


Realizing the musician-going-on-tour model for world renown chefs.


From 0 to 10,000 stores in less than 5 years, Sanzo created and owned the “asian inspired” sparkling water segment


Seamless feedback loop for customers and food brands (exit: Resy/AMEX)

Sufferfest Beer

An incredible and passionate CEO + award winning beer (that happens to be gluten-removed) + fervent community = delicious success (exit: Sierra Nevada)

Territory Foods/Mealogic

The country’s only distributed fresh food production and distribution platform geared towards healthy eating, enabling brands to quickly establish its own food revenue stream

The Salt Initiative

The Salt Initiative preserves legacy food businesses so that we can continue to enjoy their cultural, community, and culinary contribution. Our goal is to ensure that we and future generations have access to the food and drinks that we grew up with, the food that defines a place, the food that sustains our body and soul, and the food that binds us. We will pioneer the donor-supported endowment model for the arts to the culinary arts.


HR and Hiring software for the deskless workforce with customers from McDonald’s to Fedex to Marriott

Salt Insights & Updates