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Salt Collective

For the first time ever, Salt Partners is bringing together its many communities via a membership program. In addition to receiving wines and other potent potables from Salt's drinking friends, you will be the first to know about special events and offerings

Lazy Susan

The new go-to Chinese take-out restaurant. Designed for the way we live today and our desire for delicious food without compromising convenience, health, or price. A contemporary approach to 25 favorite Chinese American dishes.

Atelier Crenn

✽ ✽ ✽ Behind an unassuming facade mere steps from the San Francisco Bay, Dominique Crenn offers a multi-course experience in a homey and luxurious dining room.

Bar Crenn

✽ Adjacent to Atelier Crenn, Bar Crenn is where Chef Dominique Crenn reflects the sensory experience of an elegant and antique French wine bar inspired by the lounges of the 1930’s in Paris.

Petit Crenn

Tucked into the edge of Hayes Valley, Petit Crenn is just one chain of the living connection between Chef Dominique and her home, Brittany.


A casual neighborhood cocktail gathering place, with an adeptly designed interior loosely inspired by the American arts and crafts period.

Last Rites

"Crawling with dense, tropical foliage, the scene calls to mind an unexpected detour to a Gilligan’s Island of drinking — but the bar’s more ominous details, like back booths flanked by nine-foot skulls, hint the trip was as final as the bar’s name suggests." – EaterSF

Humphry Slocombe

We don’t really think of our flavors as that unusual and that’s why we let you sample everything we have. Everything. Welcome to our bizarre, delicious, frozen universe.