Saison - I haven't been since pandemic and I went last month and it was *great*.  I've had the great fortune of dining at Saison since 2009 when they were a one day a week popup.  The food was creative, delicious.  The service was top notch, gracious.  The drinks/wines were fantastic.  The environment was bespoke but comfortable.   They will get their 3rd star next year.  Splurge on.

Outta Sight - this was on my list last year as a head's up for you.  Since then Eric has opened up a brick and mortar!  Their pizza is awesome.  I'm particularly addicted to their hoagies right now - crazy good bread from Rize bakery - italian deli, mortadella melt, chopped roast pork+ramp sando.  getting hungry just writing this.

Horsefeather - yes, I'm pimping one of my own.  We brought in a new kitchen leader a couple of months ago and the food is *on point*.  A new dish - plant based tuna ceviche - is crazy good along with our great burger, 2 piece fried chicken dinner, and the surprise hit of the summer... crispy mochi (think french toast fingers, but better)

Daeho - in particular I want to advocate for their beef soup.  They are best known for their galbi jjim but their soup is next level

Four Kings - currently a pop up around town.  I serendipitously wandered into Buddy one Weds, forgetting that they host pop ups every Weds.  Two chefs - both alums of Mr. Jiu's - were slinging 'canto' comfort food, elevated.  My fave bite this year was their aged, smoked, roasted squab.  Time stopped.  

Seakor deli - polish deli on Geary Ave where they smoke and cure all their own meats.  And cheap!  We love their terrine that looks and taste like Spam, their sausages.  

Basecamp - Nepalese food in the Mission.  Their fried noodles is one of my fave dishes this year.  

Liholiho Yacht Club - You know and love this restaurant.  It is hard to get in (but not that hard right now). Any dish with pork is gold.  

Anchovy Bar - I'm a sucker for little oily fishes.  I went for the first time this summer (thanks Karen Li!) and the toast with tomato and house cured anchovy is sublime.  2 orders of those and a glass of wine makes an incredible meal (for me at least).